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Table of Illustrations
1 Tug DANIEL McALLISTER and bunkering barge BAYSHELL (II) are inbound, Toronto Eastern Gap, on November 11, 1984. Photo by the Editor.
2 Photo by Rowley W. Murphy shows NORTHUMBERLAND in 1920, her first season on the lakes. Her boat deck is not yet available for passenger use.
3 Interesting view c. 1924 has NORTHUMBERLAND in winter quarters in the old Yonge Street slip, Toronto. On the right are MODJESKA and TORONTO.
4 Scenic Murphy photo shows NORTHUMBERLAND inbound at the Port Dalhousie piers in the mid-1920s. Note the shelter forward on her boat deck.
5 Murphy photo c.1930 shows NORTHUMBERLAND outbound at the Toronto Eastern Gap in rough weather. Note the covered dance deck aft.
6 On a typical summer afternoon c.1930, the camera of Rowley Murphy captured NORTHUMBERLAND moored on the east side of Port Dalhousie harbour.

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