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Table of Illustrations
1 SAMUEL MATHER (V) will sail in 1976 as JOAN M. McCULLOUGH for the Soo River Company. Photo by J. H. Bascom August 15, 1973, in Little Rapids Cut.
2 The weather was terrible for photography, but the Editor's camera caught AVONDALE backing past PETER ROBERTSON into the Old Canal at Humberstone, November 30, 1975, on her final voyage.
3 This was the scene at Toronto's Sunnyside beach on December 27, 1975 as tugs LAC COMO, WILLIAM REST, G.W. ROGERS and BAGOTVILLE tried to free the grounded GEORGE M. CARL. Photo by J. H. Bascom.
4 This rare Esson photo courtesy R. T. McCannell shows ALGOMA at the C.P.R. elevator, Owen Sound, and illustrates the original appearance of the ship and her two sisters.

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