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29 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1793-99
30 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1800-14
31 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1815-27
32 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1828-63
Simcoe, John Graves
1  happened. "Lieutenant-Governor, the late Gen. Simcoe, who then resided at Navy Hall, Niagara,
2  was absent in England. "Many American officers," Gen. Simcoe says to Gen. Clarke on the 5th of April, "give
3  likely to end unsatisfactorily, sent to solicit Governor Simcoe's interposition, especially in regard to the
4  at the garrison, York, late Toronto, at which Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe was present, was on Saturday, 31st August,
5  immediate superintendence of the late General Simcoe, the Lieut. Governor: in the space of five or
6  is marked; and the following note is appended:- "Lieut.-Governor Simcoe's route from York to the Thames, down that river
7  In the following August, Gov. Simcoe is at Newark or Niagara. On the 18th of that
8  gives the route, with the note : " Lieut.-Gov. Simcoe's track from York to Kingston in an open boat,
9  In 1796 Governor Simcoe was ordered to the West Indies. He met his
10  pleased to grant his royal leave of absence to his Excellency Major General Simcoe," and that consequently the government pro tem

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