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29 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1793-99
30 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1800-14
31 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1815-27
32 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1828-63
Niagara River
1  upon Mississaga point, at the entrance of the Niagara river, near to the town of Niagara - and the other
2  notice is given. Passengers wishing to cross the river Niagara will be sent over in the ferry-boat free of
3  to put a passenger on board his steamer in the Niagara river. This characteristic letter contains some
4  little accident that occurred to a Ferry Boat in Niagara River, in attempting to board the Canada. On Saturday
5  an appearance of the storm moderating, left the Niagara river for York. She had not proceeded far on her
6  have some difficulty in getting into the Niagara River from the large quantities of ice passing down
7  lay at the Niagara quay, near the mouth of the Niagara River. On that never-to-be-forgotten occasion (Aug.

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