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29 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1793-99
30 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1800-14
31 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1815-27
32 The Harbour: Its Marine, 1828-63
1  vessels; as also are the Royal George and the Niagara the Melville and the Star; the Prince Regent and
2  John Mosier, captain." This new steamer Niagara was in reality Capt. Mosier's schooner The Union
3  of the Lake to the other in a few hours. The Niagara and Queenston from Prescott, and the Frontenac
4  of Aug. 19, 1826, we learn that "the steamboat Niagara, on her trip from York to Kingston, had her
5  tempestuous; but we are happy to hear that the Niagara has not received any material injury."
6  read: " We are happy to hear that the Steamboat Niagara has been got off the rocks near Long Point, and
7  distance into the Lake, when she was met by the Niagara Capt. Mosier, who took her in tow, and succeeded
8  the 20th ult., Capt. John Mosier, Master of the Niagara Steam-packet, to Miss Caroline F. Munro, second
9  heavy and full load of passengers. The steamboat Niagara, Pease, will leave on Monday for Detroit, as we

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