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Extract From "An Act To Compel Vessels To Carry A Light During The Night And To Make Sundry Provisions To Regulate The Navigation Of The Waters Of This Province." 14 & 15 Victoria, Chap. 126
Royal Humane Society's Directions for the Reocvery Of The Apparently Drowned
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Sacketts Harbour
I have not visited this Harbour, and I have experienced some difficulty in obtaining authentic information respecting it; that which is here given, however, can be relied upon.

It is not a port of so much importance in a mercantile point of view as many others, although, from the great depth of water in the bay, its secure and sheltered position, and tolerably easy access, it should be ranked amongst the best on the Lake. These recommendations, together with its capabilities of being strongly fortified, have induced the Government of the United states to make it their Naval Depot, or Arsenal.


It is situated on the south shore of Black River Bay, an arm of the Lake running several miles inland, having point Peninsula bearing W. by N. about nine miles, Great Stoney Island and Great Galloo Island, bearing W. by S. eleven and fifteen miles respectively.


The lighthouse is built on a rock called Horse Island, at the South-Western point of Black River Bay , one and a half miles W. of the Harbour; it has a good fixed bright light. The lighthouse on the Galloo Island is at its S. W. end, hearing W. by S. 1/2 S., distant 21 miles.

In making this harbour from the westward, steer for the mid-channel, between the Ducks and Galloo Island, thence E. by N. direct into the bay, midway between the light on Horse Island and Point Peninsula.

From Oswego, N. 1/2 E. for Galloo Light, and when well to the north of the Island, E. by N. as before.

From Kingston, after passing Nine Mile Point on Simcoe Island, two courses may be taken: 1st S. by W. for about ten miles, until south of Charity Shoal, thence E. S. E. 15 miles, till abreast of Point Peninsula, thence E. into the harbour ; or, 2nd, if the wind be favourable, after passing Nine Mile Point, steer S. E. 23 miles till off Point Peninsula, thence E. as before. This course will leave Pigeon Island and Charity Shoal well to the westward.

There are other channels by which this harbour may be made in fine weather, or under the guidance of a good pilot, but they are more intricate and dangerous than those laid down.

Black River Bay is clear of shoals or rocks, with depth of water sufficient for vessels of the largest size.


From Sackett's Harbour to Light on Horse Island, W. by S. 1 1/2 mile.

" " Point Peninsula, W. by N. 9 miles.

" " N. E. point of Great Galloo Island, W. by S. 15 m.

" " N. E. point of Great Stoney Island, W. by S. 11 m.

" " S. E. point of Ducks Island, W. 1/2 S. 28 miles.

" " Long Point Light, W. by S. 60 miles.

From Horse Island Light to Stoney Point Light, S. W. by W. 12 miles.


Nearly mid-channel between Stoney Point and Great Stoney Island there is a shoal with only seven feet water:-

From Stoney Point to the False Ducks, passing to the Southward of the Great Galloo Island, W. by N. 32 miles.

From the N. E. end of Stoney Island to the W. end of Grenadier Island, N. N. W. 11 miles.


From Nine Mile Point to centre of Charity Shoal, S. by E. 9 miles.

" Great Galloo Light to do. N. by W. 13 miles.

" Horse Island Light to do. W. N. W. 22 miles.

" Anchorage at Real Ducks to do. N. E. by N. 12 miles.

" Ducks Lighthouse to do. E. N. E. 20 miles.


From Pigeon Island to Nine Mile Point Light, N. 7 miles.

" " Charity Shoal, S. E. by E. 3 1/2 miles.

" " Galloo Light, S. S. E. 16 miles.

" " Horse Island Light, E. S. E. 26 miles.

" " Point Peninsula, S. E. by E. 1/2 E. 18 miles.

" " Ducks Light, S. W. by W. 18 miles.

" " Anchorage at Real Ducks, S. S. W. 12 miles.


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electronic edition is based on the original in the collection of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston.