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Extract From "An Act To Compel Vessels To Carry A Light During The Night And To Make Sundry Provisions To Regulate The Navigation Of The Waters Of This Province." 14 & 15 Victoria, Chap. 126
Royal Humane Society's Directions for the Reocvery Of The Apparently Drowned
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Port Hope
Twenty-three miles E. 1/2 N. of Darlington is Port Hope Harbour, which is formed by running two rows of piers or crib work out into 13 feet water, having a pond or basin at their inner or northern extremity.

During a South, S. E., or S. W., gale, this Port cannot be made by large vessel drawing over 9 feet water with safety, owing to the tremendous swell rolling in from the Lake; besides which, the piers being only 125 feet apart at the mouth, and the basin very small, there is not room to check the speed of a vessel, or to snub her,. without danger to herself or others.

During a southerly gale, also, the swell in the basin is so great as to cause much injury to vessels by rubbing.

From any wind N. of E. or W., however, this is a perfectly safe and snug harbour.


The Lighthouse is built on the E. pier, - a fixed white light.


See Cobourg.


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