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Almon C. Krogman
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Captain John Kuhn
Captain William Kynaston
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Almon C. Krogman

Almon C. Krogman, a young engineer, who, by close attention to the duties of his profession, and his many natural qualifications, has rapidly come forward in the lines of his calling. He is a son of Henry and Sophia (Ede) Krogman, and was born in Geneva, Mich., March 23, 1867. His father, who is a carpenter by trade, now resides in Chicago.

The subject of this sketch learned the machinist's trade in the shop of Capt. J.S. Dunham, located on Franklin Street, Chicago, serving an apprenticeship of three years. It was in the spring of 1893 that he determined to become a marine engineer, and shipped as oiler on the steamer City of Kalamazoo, plying in the passenger and fruit trade between South Haven and Chicago. The next spring he applied for and was granted a license as second engineer, and was appointed to the City of Kalamazoo, holding that berth two seasons, when, in the spring of 1896, he transferred to the steamer H.W. Williams, operated by the same company, and also served as second on that vessel, and in 1897 we find him filling the position of chief engineer on the same vessel; in 1898 he was transferred to the City of Kalamazoo as chief, which position he still holds. He has two brothers on the lakes - William F., who is acting as second engineer on the steamer Kalamazoo, and John, a fireman on one of the tugs of the Barry Tug line, operating out of Chicago.

Mr. Krogman is an ardent member of the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association No. 102, of South Haven, Mich., and at its last election was chosen president of that body. He is also a Knight of the Maccabees.

On December 23, 1891, he was united in marriage with Miss Lina, daughter of Henry and Harriet Eisenlohr, of Bangor, Mich., and they have two sons, Albert and Ralph. The family homestead is situated on Green street, South Haven, Michigan.


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