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Captain Edward Babcock
Captain George Francis Babcock
W. I. Babcock
Frederick A. Bailey
Captain Joshua Bailey
Captain Robert N. Bailey
Captain Thomas J. Bailey
Captain A. J. Bain
Captain Isaac Guilbert Bain
Captain Edward J. Baker
Captain C. R. Baker
Captain J. Baker
James W. Baker
J. A. Baldwin
Captain T.G. Baldwin
Horatio F. Bangs
Captain G. C. Barnes
William C. Barr
Captain John Barrow
Fred B. Barrows
Captain John L. Bartlett
Peter D. Bauld
William Baumert
James W. Beach
Oscar M. Beach
Charles Beatty
Richard Beaubien
Henry Beck
William G. Beckbissinger
Captain Daniel M. Becker
G. W. Beers
Thurman E. Beers
Harvey C. Beeson
David Bell
George M. Belloir
Captain W. H. Beltz
Captain Charles E. Benham
Captain W. P. Benham
D. C. Bennett
J. C. Bennett
James Bennett
Captain Fred G. Benson
Captain John G. Betke
Captain John M. Beverly
C. F. Bielman
Frank Bingham
A. D. Birdsall
W. E. Bishop
William H. Bishop
David A. Black
William A. Black
James B. Blair
Edward R. Blanchard
Joseph R. Blanchette
H. J. Blaney
C. Blauvelt
Robert S. Blauvelt
Henry Bloecker
Captain David Blom
Captain Frank Bloom
Charles A. Bloomer
Thomas J. Bluett
Adam G. Bohland
Captain George Bohn
George M. Bohnert
Captain David Bordeaux
Henry Born
Captain William A. Boswell
Captain Benjamin Boutell
Captain Thomas T. Boyd
Captain P. Boylan
George A. Brabant
George L. Brackett
Captain Thomas J. Brady
Fred A. Bradley
William E. Bradley
M. E. Brady
William Brake
Henry Braund
Samuel H. Braund
Patrick Brennan
Captain Julius Brett
Hiram Philip R. Brey
Captain John Bridge
Thomas W. Bristow
Engineer Peter Britz
John Broderick
J. P. Brogan
Captain Charles T. Bronson
Captain George E. Brooks
James William Brooks
Captain R. H. Brooks
Captain A. J. Brown
Alexander A. Brown
Capt. C. W. Brown
Captain Charles T. Brown
Charles W. Brown
Captain Frank H. Brown
Captain George H. Brown
Captain James E. Brown
Captain John Brown
Nelson Brown
Willis Brown
Hugh Buchanan
James Buchanan
Daniel Buie
Captain Dugald Buie
Henry Bullard
William Bullock
Captain Thaddeus F. Burbank
Henry B. Burger
James V. Burke
Captain William C. Burnett
William Ritchie Burnett
David Burns
Captain George C. Burns
M. J. Burns
Captain Riley M. Burrington
Captain F. O. Burrows
A. E. Bury
Captain Thomas Bury
Charles W. Butler
E. D. Butler
Captain F. G. Butlin
John Butterworth
Corey H. Buzzard
Irvin G. Buzzard
Captain Robert L. Byers
Captain James Byers
James T. Byers
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Henry Born

Medals awarded to the Born Steel Range Company, Cleveland Ohio, by the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
Henry Born, as general manager and treasurer of the Born Steel Range & Manufacturing Co., conducts one of the largest and most modern equipped plants in the United States for the manufacture of steel ranges. Their lines of goods have been in the market longer than those produced by any other competing firm, and it is the aim of the company to maintain the high standard of excellence these ranges have won. At the World's Columbian International Exposition, held in Chicago, Ill., in 1893, medals were awarded the Born Steel Range Company for various specific merits and excellence of construction.

Their marine trade, in which they have been prominent for nineteen years, is not confined to ranges, however, as it is their custom to fit entire the steward's galley with whatever entered into that very necessary department in the outfit of a boat, be it a steamer or sailing vessel. There are, perhaps, not many new vessels launched from shipyards about the lakes that do not enter in the outfit specifications a Born steel range and the other articles in that line furnished by this house. The manufacturing works of the company are located at Cleveland, Ohio, and the offices and salesrooms are at Nos. 122 to 126 Superior street, Cleveland. The ranges are not only in great favor on steamships and sailing vessels on the lakes, but are in general demand on both the Atlantic and Pacific ocean-going vessels, and but recently large orders have been shipped to Delano Brothers, San Francisco, and to firms in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, New Orleans, and all United States seaports. The United States navy has also adopted the Born steel range for use on war vessels. Thousands of testimonials on file in the offices of the company show that this make of range is in almost universal demand in private dwellings, restaurants and hotels, and that they have found place in almost every public house in Cleveland, and in public houses throughout the United States, as new and improved facilities are required in the kitchen.


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