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The Canals
The Canaller
The Future Of The Canaller
Table 5 Tabulation of Owners and Canallers
Table of Illustrations

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following for their assistance in the preparation of the paper: The officers of the owning companies listed in Table 5, and particularly Capt. H. R. Baxter and Mr. N. F. Howell of Canada Steamship Lines Ltd. and Mr. W. E. Collison of the Quebec & Ontario Transportation Co. Ltd.; Mr. Thos. Bishop, Executive Vice-President of St. Lawrence Dry Dock Co. Ltd.; Mr. E. A. Collard, Editor of The Gazette; Mr. C. M. Lapointe, Librarian of The Montreal Star; Miss Donna L. Root, Managing Editor of Inland Seas; Mr. W. Russell Brown, Port Arthur, Ont.; Bank of Montreal Library; The Redpath Sugar Co. Ltd. (Canada & Dominion Sugar Co. Ltd.); The Redpath Library of McGill University; Mr. Jean Barcelo, Engineer Superintendent of Canals, Department of Transport.


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This paper was presented at a meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and is reproduced with permission.