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The Canaller
The Future Of The Canaller
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This paper presents the growth and development of an outstanding Canadian vessel type, the Saint Lawrence River Canals vessel, or "Canaller." The "Canaller" is a tailor-made vessel specifically designed to meet the severe limitations of the physical features of the canal system and its specialized trades. Descriptions, photographs, and drawings of the various types of ships which have plied the canals are given, together with an analysis of the design and constructional features of representative ships at present in service. A tabulation of existing owners, fleets, and vessel particulars is also given. The paper traces the history of the earlier canals and the vessels associated with them, from the first effort made by the Sulpician Fathers in 1700 to by-pass the Lachine Rapids, to the present system now on the eve of being superseded by the St. Lawrence Seaway. The future of the large number of canal vessels which will be in service when the Seaway is opened is also discussed.



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This paper was presented at a meeting of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and is reproduced with permission.