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We are now into a brand new year and look forward to receiving the same support from our members and correspondents that we were given in 1975. Through the winter months we will feature layup listings for as many of the major ports as possible and we will appreciate hearing from those who may be able to supply such information.

As you are all aware, our costs in the production of this publication have increased considerably in recent years and we can look forward to another bombshell very soon when our Postmaster General (for non-existent service) introduces new postal rates. One way of relieving the pressure this puts on the treasury is to increase our membership. With this in mind, why not show "Scanner" to some of your friends who do not now receive it? Who knows, they might well like to join and at the rate of $10 per annum membership in T.M.H.S. is a great bargain.

Our special feature this issue is a continuation of the story of the first three Clyde-built C.P.R. lake steamers. We told of the lives of these ships in an earlier issue and we now recount how they made the trip into the lakes. This is the most exhaustive history ever written about these ships and we hope that you enjoy it. There will be more to come in future issues.


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