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Capt. W. Alderson
Capt. Edward B. Anderson
Purser Colin Arthur
Capt. Webster Augustus
Commodore W. J. Bassett
Engineer W. A. Black
Capt. W. Board
Mr. Oscar A. Burnside
Capt. James Carney
Capt. R. F. Carter
Capt. Robert C. Clapp
Capt. Charles T. Clark
Officer O. S. Clewlo
Capt. Robert Cooney
Capt. A. W. Crawford
Capt. J. V. Crawford
Capt. James Dougherty
Capt. Andrew Dunlop
Capt. E. Dunn
Capt. Henry Esford
Manager W. A. Esson
Inspector William Evans
Capt. Robert D. Foote
Wharfinger W. A. Geddes
Capt. Frederick Graves
Capt. William Hall
Engineer Frederick S. Henning
Capt. Frank Jackman
Capt. Joseph Jackson
Purser J. Jones
Capt. M. Kelly
Capt. Angus L. Kennedy
Engineer William Kennedy
Capt.W. B. Kitchen
Capt. Peter Lawson
Capt. Harry Michael Livingston
Capt. A. Macauley
Capt. D. MacLeod
Capt. John W. Maddick
Capt. James W. Mawdesley
Capt. Alexander McBride
Capt. William McClain
Capt. George McDougall
Capt. John McGiffin
Capt. John McGrath
Capt. James McMaugh
Capt. John McNab
Capt. James McSherry
Engineer Alex. R. Milne
Capt. C. J. Nickerson
Harbormaster Colin W. Postlewaithe
Capt. James Quinn
Capt. J. J. Quinn
Mr. W. E. Redway
Capt. John M. Scott
Capt. R. L. Sewell
Capt. P. Sullivan
Capt. David Sylvester
Capt. Soloman Sylvester
Capt. James B. Symes
Capt.W. R. Taylor
Capt. Ben Tripp
Capt. John V. Trowell
Capt. Andrew J. Tymon
Capt. Joseph Tymon
Capt. Alex Ure
Capt. John D. Van Alstine
Capt. W. R. Wakely
Capt. P. Walsh
Capt. George Williamson
Capt. J. E. Williscroft
Capt. James Wilson
Capt. James Wilson
Capt. Edward Zealand, Sr.
Capt.Edward Zealand, jr.
Capt. W. O. Zealand
Table of Illustrations
1 Capt. W. M. Alderson
2 Commodore Edward B. Anderson
3 Purser Colin Arthur of the Hamilton Steamboat Company
4 Capt.Webster Augustus
5 Commodore W. J. Bassett
6 Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Black
7 Capt. W. Board with G. Sutton, A. Casselman and Engineer A T. Lowe of the supply boat Mink.
8 Mr. Oscar A. Burnside
9 Capt. James Carney
10 Capt. R. F. Carter
11 Capt. Robert C. Clapp
12 Capt. Charles T. Clark
13 Customs Officer O. S. Clewlo
14 Capt. Robert Cooney
15 Commodore Crawford of the Hamilton Steamboat Co.
16 Capt. J. V. Crawford
17 Capt. James Dougherty
18 Capt. Andrew Dunlop of the R & O.
19 Capt. E. Dunn
20 Capt. Henry Esford of the R & O.
21 Manager W. A. Esson of the Toronto Ferry Co.
22 Steamboat Inspector William Evans
23 Capt. Robert D. Foote
24 Wharfinger W. A. Geddes
25 Capt. Frederick Graves
26 Capt. William Hall, Deputy Harbor Master at Toronto
27 Engineer Fred. Sayers Henning
28 Capt. Frank Jackman of the Tug McCrae
29 Capt. Joseph Jackson
30 Purser J. Jones of the Toronto Ferry Co.
31 Capt. M. Kelly
32 Capt. Angus L. Kennedy
33 Engineer Wm. Kennedy
34 Capt.W. B. Kitchen
35 Capt. Peter Lawson
36 Capt. Harry Michael Livingston
37 Capt. A. Macaulay
38 Capt. D. MacLeod
39 Capt. John W. Maddick and Mrs. Maddick
40 Capt. James W. Mawdesley, master of the S. S. Rosemount
41 Capt. Alexander McBride
42 Capt. William McClain
43 Capt. George McDougall
44 Commodore John McGiffin
45 Capt. John McGrath to the right of Capt. McKay, who is behind the chair.
46 Capt. James McMaugh
47 Capt. John McNab
48 Capt. James McSherry
49 Engineer Alex. R. Milne
50 Capt. Charles J. Nickerson
51 Harbormaster Colin W. Postlewaithe
52 Capt. James Quinn and Capt. James Wilson of the schooner White Oak
53 Capt. J. J. Quinn
54 Marine Architect W. E. Redway M.I.N.A.
55 Capt. John M. Scott
56 Steamer Persia, Capt. J. M. Scott, Master
57 Capt. R. L. Sewell
58 Capt. P. Sullivan
59 Capt. David Sylvester
60 Capt. Soloman Sylvester
61 Capt. James B. Symes
62 Capt.W. R. Taylor, Kingston
63 Capt. Ben Tripp
64 Capt. John V. Trowell
65 Capt. Andrew J. Tymon
66 Capt. Joseph Tymon of the Toronto Ferry Co.
67 Capt. Alex. Ure and Mrs. Ure
68 Augusta, lost at Port Credit in 1901
69 Capt. John Van Alstine
70 Capt. William R. Wakely
71 Capt. P. Walsh
72 Capt. George Williamson of the Sch. St. Louis
73 Capt. J. E. Williscroft
74 Capt. James Quinn and Capt. James Wilson of the schooner White Oak
75 Capt. James Wilson
76 Capt. Edward Zealand, Sr.
77 Capt.Edward Zealand, Jr.
78 Capt. W. O. Zealand

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