Chapter 42
List of Lake Vessels
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1 Introductory
2 Geological
3 Poetry of the Lakes
4 Description
5 The Aborigines
6 French Discovery and occupation
7 Story of La Salle and the Griffin
8 Struggle for Possession
9 Under English Rule
10 Beginnings of Lake Commerce
11 War of 1812
12 War of 1812, Continued
13 War of 1812, Concluded
14 Growth of Traffic
Commerce Through St. Mary's Canals
15 Early Navigation on Lake Superior
16 The Convention of 1847
17 A Half Century Ago
18 Lake Canals
19 Lake Canals, Concluded
20 Harbors
21 Lighthouses
22 Life Saving Service
23 Development of Lake Vessels
24 The Lake Carriers
25 The Sailor
26 Navigation
27 Lumber Traffic
28 Grain Traffic
29 Coal Traffic
30 Iron Ore and Iron Industries
31 Miscellaneous
33 CHRONOLOGY.The Beginnings
33 After the War of 1812
34 1821-1830
35 1831-1840
36 1841-1850
37 1851-1860
38 1861-1870
39 1871-1880
40 1881-1890
41 1891-1898
42 List of Lake Vessels
Past and Present
Table of Illustrations


Quadra, Can. prop., 573 g. t., b. '91, Renfrewshire, in com.

Quaker City, stmr., in com., '67.

Quayle, Thomas, tug, 300 t., b. Cleveland, '67, burned Ontonagon, '85.

Quayle, tug, in com., '68.

Quayle, Thomas, schr., 893 g. t., b. '72, Cleveland, in com.

Quebec, Can. prop., 812 t., b. Chatham, Ont., '74, sunk St. Mary's r., '85.

Quebec, Can. brig, 235 t., b. Wolf island, L. Ont., before '52.

Quebec, prop., 1,003 g. t., later the F. E. Spinner.

Quebec, Can. prop., 121 n. t., b. '67, Bedford Mills, in com.

Quebec, Can. stmr., 1,084 n. t., b. '65, Sorel, in com.

Quebec, Can. bge., 234 g. t., b. '62, Garden Island, in com.

Queen, Can. prop., 7 g. t., b. '83, Roach's Point, in com.

Queen, Can. stmr., 64 t., b. Dunville, '51.

Queen, tug, 29 g. t., b. '97, Buffalo, in com.

Queen, Can. schr., 375 t., sailed Toronto to Liverpool, '58.

Queen, Can. fry., 476 n. t., b. '86, Levis, in com.

Queen Ann, sty., 14 g. t., b. '96, Detroit, in com.

Queen Charlotte, armed ship, 400 t., 17 guns, b. Amherstburg by Can. Govt., '09, captured in battle L. Erie, sunk Erie, afterwards raised and fitted out for lake trade.

Queen Charlotte, Can. stmr., formerly Lady of the Lake, burned Toronto, '55.

Queen Charlotte, Can. schr., 150 g. t., b. '18, Ernesttown, broken up.

Queen City, prop., 3,980 g. t., b. '96, Cleveland, in com.

Queen City, stmr., 1,000 t., b. Buffalo, '48, made barge, lost L. Hur., '66.

Queen City, schr., 675 g. t., b., '73, East Saginaw, wrecked Hog Island reef, '95.

Queen City, tug, 22 g. t., b. '75, Buffalo, passed out, '97.

Queen City, Can. prop., 312 n. t., b. '74, Wallaceburg, in com., formerly J. W. Steinhoff.

Queen City, Can. prop., now the Can. prop. Ongiara.

Queen City, Can. stmr., 450 g. t., b. '42, Niagara, burned Toronto, '55.

Queen of the Bay, schr., 73 t., wrecked near Oswego, '67.

Queen of the Isles, Can. prop., 40 g. t., b. '85, Orillia, in com.

Queen of the Lakes, prop., 563 t., b. '55. Black River, O., burned Marquette, '69.

Queen of the Lakes, i. stmr., 153 g. t., b. '72, Wyandotte, burned South Manitou, '98.

Queen of the Lakes, schr., 347 t., wrecked Brighton, '86.

Queen of the Lakes, Can. schr., 374 n. t., b. '58, Portsmouth, in com.

Queen of the North, Can. brig, 347 g. t., b. '61, Nottawasaga, in com.

Queen of the West, Can. prop., b. Malden, '46, burned Hamilton, '53.

Queen of the West, Can. stmr., 700 g. t., b. '52, Oswego.

Queen of the West, stmr., 1,852 t., b. Buffalo, '53, dismantled, '59.

Queen of the West, schr., 347 g. t., b. L. Ont., '61, wrecked Bailey's Harbor, '82.

Queen of the West., prop., 818 g. t., b. '81, Bay City, in com.

Queen Victoria, Can. stmr., 200 t., b. '37, wrecked L. Erie, '51.

Queen Victoria, Can. schr., b. Garden Island, '39.

Queen Victoria, Can. stmr., 349 t., b. '68, burned L. Erie, '83.

Queenston, Can. stmr., 350 g. t., b. '24, Queenston.

Quickstep, schr., 282 g. t., formerly S. Anderson, damaged '69, passed out.

Quickstep, tug, 10 g. t., b. '69, Buffalo, in com.

Quickstep, schr., 283 g. t., b. '74, Green Bay, in com.

Quimby, I. L., schr., 87 g. t., b. '63, New Baltimore, Mich., in com.

Quincy, stmr., 360 t., b. Buffalo, '57.

Quinlon, Eliza, Can. schr., 131 g. t., b. '70, Port Hope, in com.

Quito, prop., 1,372 g. t., b. '73, Bangor, Mich., in com., formerly David Ballentine.

Quinte, Can. stmr., burned L. Ont., '89, 4 lives lost.

Quinze, Can. prop., 32 g. t., b. '91, Montreal, in com.


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Some of the transcription work was also done by Brendon Baillod, who maintains an excellent guide to Great Lakes Shipwreck Research.