Appendix: Log of Propeller Union

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The First Propellers at Kingston
Appendix: Log of Propeller Union

13 Aug. 1841 Friday--Started from Montreal at 15 p 3 p.m. Took on board [ ] 5 1/2 cords wood. Towed to Lachine with 4 horses. Arrived at Lachine @ 15 min. to 10.

14 Aug. 1841 Saturday--Steam up at 15m to 6 a.m.; started 15 p. 6. Broke a small wheel in reversing in canal. Detained repairing wheel till 11 oc am. Steam up and started from Canal at 40 p. 11. Went to anchor 4 miles above Lachine at 40 m p 12 in consequence of one of the Tubes leaking. The water removed from Boiler & tube repaired. Steam up & stated at 35 m p 5. Went to anchor 3 miles from Vaudreuil it being dark at 20 m p 8 p.m. Distance travelled--26 miles in 3 h 45 m

15 Aug. 1841 Sunday--Started at 5 m to 6 o'clock a.m. Got aground 1/4 mile from Vaudreuil Lock at 1/2 p 6. Got off and passed the Vaudreuil Lock at 20 p 9 a.m. Aground at upper end of locks from 20 p 9 till Monday at 1/2 11 a.m. when towed off by the Ottawa.

16 Aug. 1841 Monday--Commenced filling boiler and reshipping Specie at 12 o'clock. Took in 1 cord 1/2 of wood from Macpherson Crane & Co. Steam up and started at 7 m p 2 o'clock p.m. from Vaudreuil. Arrived at Carillon Lock 20 m p 6. Distance travelled 30 miles in 4 h 13 m. Went to anchor in Carillon Locks.

17 Aug. Tuesday--Took in 1 cord of wood from Macpherson & Co. Steam up & started at 7 o'c a.m. Got aground in passing Carillon 2nd lock 1/4 p 7. Got off in tow of Mohawk at 40 m p 10. Aground at the upper end of Chute a Blondo Lack 30 minutes. Towed by the Mohawk from Carillon Lock to Green Point. Arrived at the latter place at 20 m p 4 p.m. Towed by 4 horses to Grenville & arrived there at 45 m p 7. Lay in canal during the night.

18 Aug. Wed--Took in 3 1/2 cords of wood from M & Sanderson at 4 o'clock a.m. Aground at the mouth of the Grenville Canal till 11 o'clock. Started 15 m p 11 a.m. & arrived at wharf 2 miles below Georgians at 15 m p 5--Tube gave way and went to anchor for the night.

19 Aug. Thursday--Tube repaired. Steam up & started at 7 o'clock a.m.--arrived at Georgians at 20 m p 7. Took in 1 cord of wood at 6/3. Detained half an hour. Stopped opposite Dimmings [?] repairing tubes and taking in 1 1/2 cords of wood--9/9; detention 2 hours. Arrived at Bytown Locks at 10 p 4 p.m. Passed 8 locks 25 m p 5.

20 Aug. Friday--Rec'd 2 men from Major Bolton to assist in repairing Boiler etc. Took in 3 1/2 cords wood from M & S. Steam up & started from Bytown at 30 min. p 3. Aground 35 m 1/2 mile above Bytown. Arrived at Hartwell's Lock 4 miles from Bytown at 25 m p 5. Do. at Hogsback 6 miles from Bytown at 20 p 6. Do. at Black Rapids 10 miles from Bytown 15 to 9. A stump got into the propeller & stopped the boat 1/4 mile from Long Island Lock at 1/4 to 10 p.m.--16 miles from Bytown. Went to anchor & a passed by the steamer Otter on the starboard side at 1/4 p 3. Struck us on the figure head. Rung our Bell and called out to the Boat to stop but we got no answer & it was with difficulty we could see the Captain of the Otter after she had run into us. Lock man told the Otter we were lying close by.

21 Aug. Sat--Hauled up to the Long Island Locks & arrived at 8 o'clock a.m. Got into Lock--propeller would not go round. Got it straight and made up steam at 25 m p 2.A stump got into Propeller & stopped us 2 miles above Kemptville Landing at 15 m to 8 p.m. Went to anchor it being dark

22 Aug. Sunday--Stump removed and steam up & started at 6 o'clock a.m. Arrived at Burritt's Rapids at 6 m to 7 a.m. Detention 12 minutes at lock--42 miles from Bytown. Arrived at Nicholson's at 1/4 to 8 a.m. Detention passing Lock & getting up stream 40 minutes. Arived at Clowe's at 5 m p 9. Detention 15 minutes. 45 1/2 from Bytown. Arrived at Merrickville 25 m to 10--47 1/2 miles. Detention passing locks & taking in 2 1/2 cords wood-1 hour & 35 minutes. Arrived at Maitlands 30 m p 12--56 miles from Bytown. Two tubes gave way and obliged to wait for Steam to Tow us.

23 Aug. Monday--Wm Henry came up at 9 o'clock a.m. Went in tow at 5 m p 9. Arrived at Edmond's at 35 min p 10-- 60 1/4 miles from Bytown. Detention at Edmond's 35 minutes. Arrived at Old Sly's 40 minutes. Arrived at Smith's Falls 25 m to 1--63 miles from Bytown. Detention passing 4 locks 3 1/2 hours. Arrived at 1st Rapids 20 m p 5--66 miles from Bytown. Detention 20 minutes. Went to anchor in Lake in consequence of the fog at 1/2 p 12 the steamer having gone in to Newport.

24 Aug. Tuesday--Started up at 1/2 p 7 a.m. & arrived at the Narrows at 15 to 9 o'clock a.m.--86 miles from Bytown. Detention 40 minutes. Arrived at the Isthmus at 10 m to 11--90 1/2 miles from Bytown. Detention 30 minutes. Arrived at Chaffey's Mills 15 m to 2 p.m. 96 miles from Bytown. Detention 32 minutes. Arrived at Davis's 5 m p 3--98 miles from Bytown. Detention 38 minutes. Arrived at Jones Falls 30 m to 6--102 miles from Bytown. Detention 1 hour 35 minutes. Started from Jones's Falls at 5 m p 7 & arrived at Brewer's Upper Mills at 30 m p 11 p.m. --114 miles from Bytown. Detention passing 2 locks & delayed taking up the steamer's anchor which had dropped--1 hour 20 minutes.

25 Aug. Wednesday--Started from Brewer's Upper Mills at 10 minutes to 1 o'clock a.m. & got aground at 1/4 mile from Brewer's Lower Mills at 30 m p 2 a.m. Detention getting off, removing money cases from Barge & lightening her till 1/2 p 8 a.m. Started at 10 m to 9 and arrived at Brewer's Lower Mills at 5 m p 9. Distance 116 miles from Bytown. Detention 32 minutes. Started from Brewer's Lower Mills at 37 minutes p 9 a.m. Arrived at Kingston Mills at 5 m p 11. Detention passing 4 locks 1 hour & 45 minutes -- miles from Bytown. Started from Kingston Mills at 30 m to 5 p.m.

Source: Queens University Archives, Rideau Canal, Diary and Notebook 1841-43 (photocopied from original in McGill University Library, Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections)


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We would like to thank David Trotter of Underwater Research Associates for the photographs of the wreck of the propeller GOLIATH. GOLIATH was an excellent example of the first generation of Great Lakes ships equipped with John Ericsson's propeller, launched in 1846 and lost in an explosion in 1848.

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